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The Prado Museum’s goal is to achieve compliance with AA level WAI 1.0 guidelines established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). These guidelines are met by the majority of the pages on the site, and we are working towards compliance for the entire site.

Accessibility improvements

Fonts with relative sizes have been used so that users can increase the font size using this option in their browser. Content has been organized using semantic markup in order to make navigating the site easier for users who use a screen reader to access the content. W3C recommendations have been followed in developing the code and style sheets, generating valid code which adapts to formal grammars and which does not cause any validation errors when analyzed.

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In order to achieve maximum compatibility with browsers and devices, the use of JavaScript has been avoided on elements which affect the site’s functionality. It is only used for programming visual elements which assist the user in moving around the site, but is not necessary to navigate it.

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