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Digital semantic model

Semantic Standards and Linked Data

The Museo del Prado’s Knowledge Graph has been constructed using semantic web standards based on Linked Data Web principles, which has made it possible to:

  • Connect the construction of the Museo del Prado’s rich knowledge base—generated over time through the constant efforts of its curators and documentalists—with the publication of the Prado’s digital website, so that what is visible on the web is what is being created and generated by the entire institution in its different areas of knowledge.
  • Optimize the use of that knowledge base, enhancing the combined value of work by all of the institution’s areas.
  • Convert the current Museo del Prado’s Web of Documents into a Knowledge Graph that is expressed via a Linked Data Web.
  • Develop modes of querying and visualizing this Graph that respond to the needs of different groups of users in order to more fully satisfy their interests, offering information explicitly related to results that answer users’ questions.
  • Construct thematic web pages on the basis of a group of data, or sub-graph, that meets certain requirements.
  • Provide the website editing team with news and information about authors, artworks, subjects, events, etc. related to a given work, author, exhibition or event, thus facilitating the accelerated drafting of new news.