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Diana awarding a prize for hunting
Sèvres Manufactory
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Sèvres Manufactory

French, 1740 - present

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Diana awarding a prize for hunting

Ca. 1790. Ceramic paste.
Not on display

A group of Nymphs play at hunting a bird with their bows. Among them is the goddess, Diana, with a half-moon over her head. She is depicted embracing one of her hunting dogs. This work is a ceramic plaque in imitation of the British manufacturer, Wedgwood. The technique is based on using a soft slip colored with cobalt to give it blue tones, with various molded bisquit reliefs over it, finished with a brush. This was probably one of the pieces that adorned the Casita del Príncipe at El Escorial, where other pieces from the same series are still kept. These pieces had a variety of themes: flowers, mythology, putti, landscapes and ruins, always treated as decorative ornamentation in keeping with eighteenth-century tastes.

A similar version can be seen in the Medici Vase of 1783, preserved in the Louvre Museum.

Technical data

Inventory number
Sèvres Manufactory
Diana awarding a prize for hunting
Ca. 1790
Biscuit porcelain
Ceramic paste
Height: 16 cm; Width: 31 cm
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

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Espinós, A. ; Orihuela, M. ; Royo-Villanova, M. ; Sabán, G., El Prado disperso. Cuadros depositados en Madrid. XI. Levantamientos de depósitos con carácter definitivo. Museo Municipal, Boletin del Museo del Prado, VI, 1985, pp. 45.

Mañueco Santurtún, Carmen, Manufactura del Buen Retiro 1760-1808, Ministerio de Educacion y Cultura, Madrid, 1999, pp. 408-409.

Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 227.
227. Una medalla de porcelana de fondo azul que representa un certamen de las ninfas de Diana colocada en un marco dorado con su cristal. / Largo con su marco 1 pie 7 pulgs. Alto 1 pie.

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