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Faustina Peñalver y Fauste, dowager Marchioness of Amboage
Benlliure Gil, Mariano
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Benlliure Gil, Mariano

Valencia, 1862 - Madrid, 1947

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Faustina Peñalver y Fauste, dowager Marchioness of Amboage

1914. Carrara marble Not on display

Faustina Peñalver y Fauste (1856-1916), second wife of the 1st Marquis of Amboage, Ramón Plá y Monge (1823-1892), was a great admirer of Benlliure, from whom she commissioned various works for her residence on calle Juan Bravo 16 in Madrid, a building that now houses the Italian Embassy.

Technical data

Inventory number
Benlliure Gil, Mariano
Faustina Peñalver y Fauste, dowager Marchioness of Amboage
Carrara marble
Height: 73 cm.; Width: 60 cm.; Base/bottom: 42 cm.; Weight: 143.6 Kg.
Legacy of Faustina Peñalver y Fauste, dowager Marchioness of Amboage, 1916

Bibliography +

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Fundación Mariano Benlliure, Mariano Benlliure,

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Location +

Room 060A (On Display)

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