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Horus falcon
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Horus falcon

664 a.C. - 332 a.C.. Basalt, Agate. On display elsewhere

The falcon was identified with Horus, “the exalted, the one who is above”. One of the oldest gods in Egyptian mythology, Horus was associated with royalty as the guide of monarchs. The pharaoh was always the incarnation of Horus on earth, a living deity.

Technical data

Inventory number
Horus falcon
664 a.C. - 332 a.C. (Twenty-sixth / Thirtieth Dynasty of Egypt)
Basalt; Agate
Height: 38 cm; Width: 19 cm; Base/bottom: 26 cm
Bequest of Marius de Zayas, 1944

Bibliography +

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Location +

Madrid - Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Deposit)

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