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Saint Dominic and four Saints
Gener, Guerau; Peris, Gonçal
Close Continuar a ficha de la obra
Gener, Guerau
Barcelona, 1369 - Barcelona, 1410
Peris, Gonçal
Valencia, 1380 - Valencia, 1444

Saint Dominic and four Saints

1405. Tempera on panel. Room 051B

This is probably the central panel of the Altar Piece of Saint Dominic, Saints Cosme and Damian painted for the chapel of Saint Dominic in the Cathedral of Valencia. It is the result of the collaboration of Gener and Peris who worked in the International Gothic style and was painted during the stay of Catalan painter Gener in Valencia. In the centre we see Saint Dominic, identifiable by the habit of his order, the book and the irises. In the vertical sections are Mary Magdalene and Saint Lawrence on the left, and Saint Lucy and Saint Vincent on the right.

Technical data

Inventory number
Gener, Guerau; Peris, Gonçal
Saint Dominic and four Saints
Height: 155 cm.; Width: 87 cm.
Collection Yakichiro Suma, 1962; acquired by the Junta de Exportación in 1962; assigned to eh Prado Museum 1965.

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 1892.
Autor, Anónimo Valenciano, siglo XV. / 1892. Asunto, "Santo Domingo" / Tabla, 155 x 87 cms / Número del catálogo 3111 / Adquirido por la Junta (O.M.. 7-VII-62). / Ingresó en el museo en 1966.



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Location +

Room 051B (On Display)

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