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Salonia Matidia as Thalia, Muse of Comedy
Cortés, Pascual
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Cortés, Pascual

Calatayud (Zaragoza), 1750 - Palma de Mallorca (Islas Balerares), 1814

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Salonia Matidia as Thalia, Muse of Comedy

Ca. 1789. Marble.
Room 076

This Muse is a copy of a Roman herm, in this case depicting Comedy with vine tendrils in her hair and the features of the Roman noblewoman Salonia Matidia (68-119 d. C.), like that of Tragedy (E000420). The originals of both Muses were found during excavations led by Count Giuseppe Fede at Hadrian’s Villa and are now in the Musei Vaticani.

Technical data

Inventory number
Cortés, Pascual
Salonia Matidia as Thalia, Muse of Comedy
Ca. 1789
Height: 89.5 cm; Width: 49 cm; Base/bottom: 40 cm; Weight: 246.6 Kg
Colección José Nicolás de Azara
Colección José Nicolás de Azara, I marqués de Nibbiano; Colección Real (donación de José Nicolás de Azara a Carlos IV, 1801).

Bibliography +

El Coleccionismo de Escultura Clasica en España. Actas del Simposio, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, 2001, pp. 182.

Elvira Barba, Miguel Angel, 'Winckelmann, Mengs y las colecciones escultóricas de Azara.' En:, El legado de Johann Joachim Winckelmann en España. Actas congreso internacional 20-21 Oct.2011, 2014, pp. 121-136 [132].

Location +

Room 076 (On Display)

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