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Gili y Roig, Baldomero
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Gili y Roig, Baldomero

Lérida, 1873 - Barcelona, 1926

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Ca. 1908. Oil on canvas. On display elsewhere

In the last years of the nineteenth century and the first of the twentieth, women were frequently depicted with certain attributes like the peacock in this painting, a symbol of vanity, that incarnated the defects regarded as specific to their gender. Pride is an extraordinary example of the pictorial expression of the so-called "female character", a reduction of woman’s essence to an archetype that was paradoxically brought about through a discourse of gallantry.

G.Navarro, Carlos, Invitadas. Fragmentos sobre mujeres, ideología y artes plásticas en España (1833-1931), Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado, 2020, p.146 nº 12

Technical data

Inventory number
Gili y Roig, Baldomero
Ca. 1908
Height: 172 cm.; Width: 130 cm.
Acquired by the State, 1908; Museo de Arte Moderno, 1908-1971; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2016

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Registros-Inventarios Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno, 1900-1936. Núm. 68-G.

Inscriptions +

B. Gili Roig
Inscribed in white. Front, lower right corner

B. Gili y Roig


Exhibitions +

Uninvited Guests. Episodes on Women, Ideology and the Visual Arts in Spain (1833-1931)
06.10.2020 - 14.03.2021

Baldomero Gili y Roig
06.03.2008 - 11.05.2008

El Retrato Elegante
01.11.2000 - 31.01.2001

Location +

Logroño - Museo de La Rioja (Deposit)

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