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Supper in the House of Simon (fragment)
Master of Robredo
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Master of Robredo

1475, 1490

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Supper in the House of Simon (fragment)

Ca. 1480. Mixed method on panel. Room 051A

The name for this painter comes from the Saint Peter Altar Piece of Robredo de Zamanzas (Burgos). His style is influenced by that of Jorge Inglés, although it shows more expressiveness, apparent in the complex folds of the fabrics. As it is a fragment, the panel only shows three people: Christ, Peter and Simon. It is at Simon’s house that Mary Magdalene washes the feet of Christ with oil and tears, and part of her halo can be seen at the bottom of the painting.

Technical data

Inventory number
Master of Robredo
Supper in the House of Simon (fragment)
Ca. 1480
Mixed method
Height: 39 cm.; Width: 51 cm.
Acquired to F. Kleinberger, París, 1935.

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 1690.
Autor, Robredo / 1690. Asunto, La cena en casa del fariseo. / Tabla, 39 x 51. / Nº catálogo, 2596 / Adquirido en 1935 con fondos subvención...

Inscriptions +

Front, upper left corner

Front, upper right corner


There are no temporary exhibitions related to this work

Location +

Room 051A (On Display)


Displayed objects +

Decorative object and tableware

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