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The Infante Don Javier of Bourbon (?)
Tiepolo, Lorenzo
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Tiepolo, Lorenzo

Venice (Italy), 1736 - Madrid (Spain), 1776

Tiepolo, Lorenzo See author's file

The Infante Don Javier of Bourbon (?)

1763. Pastel on paper.
Room 039

Seated on an ermine robe in a chair, the Infante holds his hat in his left hand and a small bird in his right. The insignias of the Golden Fleece and the Order of Saint Jennaro hang on his chest. The sitter’s facial features appear to match those of Charles III’s youngest son, Javier, who was born in Naples in 1757 and died prematurely in Aranjuez in 1771. The Museo del Prado has a portrait of him by Mengs from the 1760s (P02195), and in both works he lacks the Order of the Saint-Esprit. Here, he appears to be around six or seven years old, which would coincide with the series of portraits painted by Tiepolo around 1763 or soon thereafter.

Along with D07435, D07428, D07438, D07420 and D07421, this must be one of the portraits attributed to one of Tiepolo’s sons, mentioned in the 1794 Inventory of the New Palace in Madrid (Text drawn from Mena Marqués, M.: Catálogo de dibujos. VII. Dibujos italianos del siglo XVIII y del siglo XIX, Museo del Prado, 1990, p. 150).

Technical data

Inventory number
Tiepolo, Lorenzo
The Infante Don Javier of Bourbon (?)
Height: 400 mm; Width: 300 mm
Royal Collection (transferred from the Royal Seat of La Isabela, Sacedón (Guadalajara) to the Royal Palace in Madrid, 1843)

Bibliography +

Ezquerra del Bayo, Joaquin, Casas Reales de España. Retratos de Niños. Los Hijo..., II, Junta de Iconografia Nacional, Madrid, 1926, pp. lám.19.

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 1960.
Escuela francesa 1960. / Retrato de un infante con un pajarito. (al pastel.) / Alto 2 pies, 5 pulg; ancho 2 pies, 1 pulg

Números descatalogados del inventario informático. Núm. P003021.
Por indicación del Jefe de Área de Pintura del S. XIX se cambió su numeración

Inv. General, Sección 3ª. Dibujos, grabados, acuarelas y miniaturas, 1879. Núm. 154.
Numeracion Antigua 1960. [Numeración] Moderna 154. Retrato al pastel de un Ynfante con un pajarito en la mano izquierda y el sombrero en la derecha- A. Escuela francesa. alto 0,70 ancho 0,58. marco dorado y cristal

Inscriptions +

Frame, back

Frame, back

Infante / Dn Javier
Frame, back

Frame, back

nº 12
Frame, back

Nº 3021
Frame, back

Exhibitions +

Their Majesties’ Retiring Room
09.04.2019 - 12.10.2021

Goya y la corte ilustrada
14.02.2018 - 28.05.2018

Goya y la corte ilustrada
27.09.2017 - 21.01.2018

Location +

Room 039 (On Display)


Displayed objects +

Insignia of the Royal Order of Saint Genaro

Golden Fleece

Chair / Armchair


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