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The Rape of Ganymede
Julien de Parma
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Julien de Parma

Cavigliano (Switzerland), 1736 - Paris (France), 1799

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The Rape of Ganymede

1778. Oil on canvas. Not on display

Captivated by the beauty of Ganymede, Jupiter abducted him after turning himself into an eagle and carried him up to Olympus. The young Ganymede is carried to heaven by the eagle, while the shepherds look helplessly at the strange prodigy.

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Inventory number
Julien de Parma
The Rape of Ganymede
Height: 249 cm; Width: 128 cm
Painted for the Duke of Nivernois; private collection, Paris, until 1972; acquired from Manuel González López, Madrid, 1982

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 2001.
Jean Antoine Julien / 2001. Rapto de Ganimedes / (2,49 x 1,28) / Cat 6772

Inscriptions +

Julien de Parme 1778
Signed and dated. Front, lower area

Exhibitions +

Julien de Parma
12.02.2000 - 30.04.2000

Julien de Parma
16.09.1999 - 28.11.1999

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