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Two Apostles. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo
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Two Apostles. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo

XII century. Fresco painting on mural transferred to canvas, 185 x 220 cm.

The mural paintings from the Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo were transferred to canvas in 1947 and reconstructed at the Prado Museum in a layout as faithful to the original as possible. The walls of the chapel are decorated with figures of angels, Apostles and evangelical scenes, and the front bears two biblical themes. Dome, center: God the Father held by four angels (P07269, P07270). Left side: The Annunciation, Thurifer Angel (P07282), Saints Matthew and Luke (P07286). Right side: Saint Mark, Angel with a roll (P07279), Saint John the Evangelist (?), Thurifer Angel, Angel with book, Holy Bishop (P07278). Arches: Cain and Able make offerings to the Lamb inserted in the Cross (P07275, P07276), The Creation of Adam (P07285) and Original Sin (P07284). Left wall: Six Apostles (P07274, P07287), Mary Magdalene salves the Lord's Feet (P07271), The Adoration of a Mage to the Virgin and Child (P07272). Right wall: Four Apostles (P07273, P07283). The figures represented are typically Romanesque, with neither volume nor depth. They are delimited by a few simple contours that divide their corresponding spaces. The artist's style has always been considered very similar to that of the Master of Tahull. Other mural paintings: Window soffit (P07277); Left Spandrel of the Entry Arch (P07280); Right spandrel of the entry arch (P07281).

Technical data

Inventory number
Two Apostles. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo
XII century
Fresco painting
Mural transferred to canvas
High/Height: 185 cm.; Width: 220 cm.
Pintura mural de la ermita de la Vera Cruz de Maderuelo.
Ermita de la Vera Cruz, Maderuelo, Segovia, 1948.

Bibliography +

Portús, Javier, La Coleccion de Pintura Española en el Museo del Prado, Madrid Edilupa, 2003, pp. 21.

Martínez Ruiz, Mª José, 'La venta y el expolio del patrimonio románico de Castilla y León: el caso de las pinturas murales'. En: La diáspora del románico hispano: de la protección al expolio, Palencia Fundación Santa María la Real, 2013, pp. 13-57 [36-45].

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Room 051C (On Display)

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