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Mohedano de la Gutierra, Antonio

Lucena, Córdoba (Spain), ca. 1563 - Antequera, Málaga (Spain), 1626

Known biographical data on this Spanish painter are scarce and contradictory. There are doubts about his birthplace, although it was probably Lucena (Cordoba), where his work as a painter and gilder at that town's parish of San Mateo is documented. He lived for quite some time in Antequera (Malaga), which has led others to believe he was, in fact, born there. Our knowledge of his training with Pablo de Céspedes is due to Palomino, who states that it covered a variety of techniques, and that he specialized in fresco painting with Acchile and Cesare Arbasia, masters with whom he worked at Cordoba Cathedral. His few known works are characterized by a moderate classicism of the sort associated with El Escorial. Diego Angulo Íñiguez suggests that he may have traveled to Italy, and while there is no documentation in that regard, such a trip would explain his paintings' similarity to certain aspects of the work of Guido Reni. His skill at portraiture is visible in works such as "Virgin with Child and a child donor" (Museo Municipal de Antequera, Malaga) (Sánchez del Peral and López, J.R. in Enciclopedia, 2006, vol. V, p. 1564).

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Saint John the Evangelist
Fresco painting on wall covering, Ca. 1610
Mohedano de la Gutierra, Antonio (Attributed to)

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