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Invited Work. La Madeleine à la Veilleuse, by Georges de La Tour

Madrid 4/28/2009 - 6/28/2009

Mary Magdalen, symbol of redemption through repentance, is depicted in a nocturnal setting, illuminated by the light of a candle that creates pronounced contrasts on her instruments of meditation: sacred texts, the cross and the skull, an emblem of death. Together these objects create one of Georges de La Tour’s most beautiful still lifes. The artist depicts the Magdalen as delicate and thus quite different to the rough, everyday nature of his rustic peasants, soldiers or street musicians who are far removed from the meditative, spiritual mood of this work.


Room 5. Villanueva Building

Sponsored by:
Fundación Axa Winterthur


Georges de La Tour in the Museo del Prado

Georges de La Tour in the Museo del Prado
Blind Hurdy-Gurdy Player​. Georges de La Tour. Oil on canvas. Museo Nacional del Prado.

The Museo del Prado has the only two works by Georges de La Tour to be found in Spain: Blind Hurdy-Gurdy Player (ca.1610-30) and Saint Jerome reading (ca.1627-29). Together they illustrate the key features of the artist’s daylight paintings. La Tour specialised in genre and religious compositions, peopled with socially humble types in everyday settings. His figures seem to be drawn from life, set against plain backgrounds and arranged with a simple, austere geometry. He appears to have painted for middle-class clients in the Lorraine region and for religious institutions.

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