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Leonardo and the copy of the Mona Lisa. New approaches to the artist’s studio practices

Madrid 9/28/2021 - 1/23/2022

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Since the results of the research undertaken on the copy of the Mona Lisa in the Museo del Prado were presented to the public the painting has been included in most catalogues and research projects devoted to Leonardo da Vinci and his collaborators. Inspired by the studies that accompanied the exhibition La Sainte Anne, l’ultime chef-d’oeuvre de Léonard de Vinci (Musée du Louvre, 2012), the most recent analyses of the drawings, theoretical writings and pictorial technique of the master and his closest circle have furthered knowledge of our understanding of the works produced in this context. Structured around the copy of the Mona Lisa and the information provided by technical imaging, the Museum is organising an exhibition for this autumn which will offer offer an in-depth focus on these issues. It will also be the first monographic exhibition in Spain devoted to a study of the copies and versions produced in Leonardo’s studio during his lifetime and authorised by him.

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