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María Isabel de Braganza, Queen of Spain by José Álvarez Cubero

Posthumous life-size statue of Queen Isabel de Braganza (1797-1818), the second wife of Fernando VII (1784-1833). The queen appears sitting on a chair adorned with figures of castles, lions and lilies, wearing a belted tunic, with robes and a studded diadem. This clothing was very much in style at that time. Its composition recalls the Agripina in the Capitolino Museum of Rome. This neoclassical work was expressly commissioned by the Monarch for the Prado Museum, in whose creation the Queen played an important role. It is considered one of the last works by Álvarez Cubero, the King’s First Chamber Sculptor, who died before it was finished. His teacher was Antonio Canova, the great neoclassical sculptor from whom he learned delicate modeling, the classical ideal, sobriety, elegance and technical perfection. The work was transferred from Rome, where the artist lived, to Madrid in 1828.