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The Ionic Sculpture Gallery

The Museo Nacional del Prado has architecturally refurbished the space of the north Ionic gallery, located next to the Central Gallery on the first floor, to increase the visibility of sculpture and decorative arts in its permanent collection. The resulting display gallery includes 56 outstanding works spanning from Ancient Egypt and the Roman world to the Renaissance and Baroque.

The intervention recovers the essence of the proposal of Alejandro Sureda who in 1881 conceived this space for sculpture exhibition.

The new exhibit proposal of a selection of sculpture and decorative arts, offers the visitor a more panoramic, complete and suggestive approach to this artistic discipline and an overview spanning from Ancient Egypt to the Baroque. The refurbishment of the north Ionic gallery is supported by American Friends of the Prado Museum thanks to the sponsorship of The Engh Foundation.

The 56 works selected provide an eloquent recreation inspired in the style and manner that they formed part of important historical collections and span a chronology of over 2,000 years. Portraiture is one of the main themes in the gallery.

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