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The restoration of "The Triumph of Death" by Pieter Bruegel “the Elder"

This masterpiece by one of the most important painters in European art has recently been the subject of a major restoration sponsored by Fundación Iberdrola España, a Protector Sponsor of the Museo del Prado’s Restoration Programme.

The painting has now regained its original values, which had been affected by areas of repainting and coloured varnishes on the pictorial surface, in addition to a cradle that impeded the natural movement of the wood panel on which it is painted.

The restoration of this exceptional painting, undertaken by José de la Fuente (support), has reinstated its structural stability. Given the state of conservation of the support, the present restoration has removed the cradle in order to free up the natural movement of the wood. In addition, the cracks and the panels have been realigned to form a level surface, involving the separation of the top panel in order to ensure that it lies flat. 

Spanish and English subtitles available.