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"The Washing of the Feet" by Tintoretto

Miguel Falomir, Museo del Prado's director, comments "The Washing of the Feet" (1548-1549) by Tintoretto, on 23th November 2018.

This scene from the New Testament (John 13, 1-20) shows the moment just before the "Last Supper", when Jesus washed Saint Peter´s feet as an example of humility and service to others. The displacement of the main characters, Christ and Saint Peter, to one end of the composition is due to the original location of this work on the right wall of the presbytery of San Marcuola, where the image of Christ washing Saint Peter´s feet was on the part of the canvas closest to the congregation. This work was acquired by Charles I of England. When he died, it was purchased by Luis de Haro, who gave it to Felipe IV. The King had it hung in the sacristy at El Escorial, where it remained until it entered the Prado Museum in 1936.

English and Spanish subtitles available.