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Timelapse of the display of The Spinners' new frame

One of the great masterpieces of European art, The Spinners by Velázquez, is presented with a new frame that hides the later 18th century additions to the canvas from view and allows the visitor to contemplate the composition as conceived by Velazquez. 

The design unites aesthetic criteria and preventative conservation by incorporating elements which would protect the painting from adverse conditions and employing sustainable materials; it will serve as a reference for future museum installations. 

The recovery of Velazquez’s composition marks the first action of the “Reframing the Prado” project which aims to develop new solutions and adequate framing features for the best presentation of the Prado’s collection. “Reframing the Prado” is supported by American Friends of the Prado Museum thanks to the generous sponsorship of the American Express Foundation.