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Almost 2 million people visit the Prado during the confinement Friday, April 3, 2020

The number of visitors to the Prado's website, supported by Telefónica, has increased a 258%. Compared with the month of February there has been a 125% increase in social media.

Spain, Italy with a 481% increase, Mexico, Rusia and Argentina are the countries that have most visited the Prado, via website, during the month of March.

The Prado stories in Instagram have had 1581500 views, an increase of 3710% in comparison with February.

Almost 2 million people visit the Prado during the confinement

The initiative #Pradowithyou, a social media and website activities programm, that enables the Prado to maintain contact with its public, has reached 1969852 users since March 12, the day that the Prado closed to the public, due to the sanitary crisis caused by COVID 19.

Social media interactions have increased 190% compared with past months. The most popular videos were the one posted March 13 related with Rubens, Verones and Pousdin with comments by Alejandro Vergara, Chief Curator of Flemish Painting. And also the video related with the Garden of Earthly Delights with comments by the botanical researcher Eduardo Barba. The first video reached 481000 and the second 413000 reproductions in Facebook and Instagram.

The most visited content of the Museum's website during confinement are the search browser of the collection and the educational resources for students #Pradoeducation.

The Museo del Prado has 1019311, 678318 and 1252586 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The most active countries in these social media are Spain, Mexico, Italy and Argentina.