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Mengs and Azara. Portrait of a Friendship Thursday, July 4, 2013


Mengs and Azara. Portrait of a Friendship

José Nicolás de Azara, Rafael Mengs. Oil on panel, 77 x 61,5 cm, 1774, Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

The recent acquisition by the State and its entry into the Prado of the remarkable Portrait of José Nicolás de Azara, painted in 1774 by Anton Raphael Mengs, has led to the organisation of this small exhibition, which evokes the friendship and close collaboration that existed between the two men; Mengs, the Neo-classical painter from Bohemia, and Azara, one of the leading names of the Spanish Enlightenment.

The addition of this work - one of Mengs’s most unique creations in artistic and historical terms - to the Prado’s collections will enrich the Museum’s holdings of 18th-century paintings and add to its group of portraits by Mengs.

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