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The Boletín del Museo del Prado celebrates its 25th anniversary Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Boletín del Museo del Prado celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The Boletín del Museo del Prado celebrates its 25th anniversary

Carmen Calvo, the Minister of Culture, and Jesús Caldera, the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, today formalised the long-term loan agreement relating to this recently attributed painting. Until very recently it was to be found in the Palacio de la Trinidad, the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes. The discovery of the painting, presented last June at the Museo del Prado as an autograph work by the most important French painter of the 17th century, is an event of great art historical importance given the very small number of works known by this artist.

The new issue, corresponding to 2005 (vol. XXIII, no. 41), features a series of articles by curators at the Museum and independent art historians. These include an interpretation of Velázquez's Las Hilanderas in the light of Golden Age literature by Javier Portús, and the publication by Gabriele Finaldi of a sizeable group of previously unpublished drawings by Jusepe de Ribera. María López-Fanjul and José Juan Pérez Preciado have undertaken the first exhaustive study of the various numbers and collectors' marks to be found on paintings in the Museum, while Pablo Pérez d'Ors is the author of an historical and iconographic study of the Hunting Scenes by the German Renaissance artist Lucas Cranach. The Boletín also includes an in-depth study of Saint Jerome reading by Georges de la Tour, recently rediscovered in the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid and now on deposit at the Museum. This text is written by Pierre Rosenberg, former Director of the Louvre and the leading expert on the artist. From its foundation in 1980, the Boletín has been the vehicle for the dissemination of numerous important scholarly articles, such as the publication of El Greco's hand-written annotations on his copy of Vasari's 1568 biography of Titian, in an article by Xavier de Salas published in 1982; the major restoration of Las Meninas by John Brearly, set out in great detail in the 1984 issue; and the publication of a surprising discovery of the painting The Victorious Hannibal (Cudillero, Fundación Selgas-Fagalde) which the young Goya sent as a competition piece to the Academy in Parma, in an article by Jesús Urrera in the 1993 issue. The Boletín has also published various technical studies, such as the x-radiographs and reflectographs of major works in the collection taken in the Museum's Technical Documentation Department, including those of works by Van der Weyden and Bosch. Recently, the 2003 edition published the discovery of two completely unknown studies for the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo from the Museum's own drawings collection. For the present issue, and to coincide with the publication's 25th anniversary, the Boletín (whose publication is made possible by sponsorship from the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado) includes a CD-rom with the complete index of the previous 40 issues published to date. The Boletín can be purchased in the Museum's shops or from the Commercial Department (tel: 91 330 2866).