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Access conditions and guidelines

  • The Study Centre of the Museo Nacional del Prado is a research centre devoted to history of art and the Museo del Prado Collection. As a consequence, priority is given to researchers in this field.
  • In order to conserve the bibliographical and documentary holdings to the optimum degree, users are only allowed to bring in blank sheets of paper, writing materials, and if required, a portable computer. Books, coats, umbrellas and other objects must be left in the cloakroom located at the entrance to the Study Centre.
  • On entry, users must present themselves to the counter in the reading room where they must show their ID, passport or equivalent and fill out an application form with their name, address and subject of research. The request will be answered immediately.
  • The Reading Room has a free access reference library. Once used, books must be left on the trolleys or tables intended for this purpose. Only members of the library staff are allowed to replace books on shelves.
  • In order to request a book or other material from the stores, the user must fill out a request form and hand it in at the reading room counter. Concerning Library material, a maximum of five books can be supplied at one time; from the Archive, one box or four files from different boxes; and finally, in case of documentation material requests a maximum of three documentary envelopes will be supplied.
  • If the material requested has been digitalized, priority is given to consultation in this format.
  • Books dating from prior to 1900 and the holdings of the archive must be consulted at the desks specially designated for that purpose. Only pencil is permitted during consultation.
  • There is a reservation service for books from the modern section, with a maximum time limit of one week. Home loans are not permitted.
  • For any information or assistance, please ask the library staff.
  • Users can make photocopies and photographs of the library’s holdings in conformance with the appropriate conservation of the material and with the Law of Intellectual Property. As a general rule, material prior to 1900 cannot be photocopied.
  • All the holdings of the Study Centre are public patrimony. Please be careful with them and do not damage them in any way. If you notice any defect or problem, please mention this to the library staff. Food and drink are not allowed in the reading room. The material cannot be taken out the Reading Room.
  • Portable computers and mobile telephones must have the sound turned off.
  • These regulations are obligatory for all users of the reading room.