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Isabella Farnese, Queen of Spain
Ranc, Jean
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Ranc, Jean

Montpellier (France), 1674 - Madrid (Spain), 1735

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Isabella Farnese, Queen of Spain

1723. Oil on canvas. Room 020

This is an official portrait of Queen Isabella Farnese (1692-1766), daughter of Eduardo II, Duke of Parma and second wife of Felipe V of Spain (1683-1746), whom she married in 1714. Shown three quarters and sumptuously dressed, the Queen turns her body to the left and her head to the right in an elegant pose characteristic of French portraits of that period. The technique of this painting, with a detailed rendering of her jewels, the qualities of the red velvet embroidered in gold, and the fur on her robe and dress, is outstanding, endowing Isabel with a presence befitting her position. The scene is completed with a green velvet curtain on the right and a buffet on the left, against which the Queen leans. This is linked to the formulae of court portraiture practiced in Europe during the sixteenth century. This work stands out for its elegance, refinement and distinction, characteristics directly connected to French painting of that moment, especially the production of Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659-1743), who was Ranc´s teacher and the chamber painter to Louis XIV and Louis XV of France. This painting is the companion to the portrait of the Queen´s husband, Felipe V (P2329), which is also in the Prado Museum collection. Both works were saved from the 1734 fire at Madrid´s Alcázar Palace and moved to the Buen Retiro Palace.

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Inventory number
Ranc, Jean
Isabella Farnese, Queen of Spain
Height: 144 cm.; Width: 115 cm.
Royal Collection (Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, 1723-1724; Madrid, 1724; Ranc workshop, Madrid, 1735, n. 1156[2]; Furriera del Rey-Casas arzobispales, “salón principal”, 1747, n. 254; Royal Palace of El Buen Retiro, Madrid, “cuarto del Príncipe”, 1772, n. 254; El Buen Retiro Palace, 1794, n. 598; Royal Palace, Madrid, “cuarto del capitán de guardias”, 1814-1818, n. 598).

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Other inventories +

Inv. Felipe V, Furriera del Rey, 1747. Núm. 254.
Salon prâl. [...] 254 / Ottro [retrato] de la Reyna viuda nra srª de mas de medio Cuerpo de vara y dos ttercias de Caida y vara y ttercia de ancho original de dn Juan Ranc en cinco mil Rs de vellon

Inv. Carlos III, Buen Retiro, 1772. Núm. 254.
Quarto del Principe [...] {14496} 254 / Retrato de la Infanta doña Isabel mas de medio cuerpo de siete quartas de alto y vara y tercia de ancho = Ranc

Inv. Testamentaría Carlos III, Buen Retiro, 1794. Núm. 598.
Otra [pintura] de Rigau, con el retrato de medio cuerpo de Dª. Isabel Farnesio, de vara y tres cuartas de alto y vara y tercia de ancho, marco dorado...700

Inv. Fernando VII, Palacio Nuevo, 1814-1818. Núm. 598.
Cuarto del Capitán de Guardias [...] {22165-22166} 596-598 / Dos varas de alto vara y tercia de ancho, Felipe quinto con peto y el cetro en la mano vestido y banda azul faja encarnada = su muger vestido y manto encarnado guarnecido y forrado de pieles = Van Loo

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1854-1858. Núm. 940.

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 940.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1872-1907. Núm. 2062.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1910. Núm. 2330.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1942-1996. Núm. 2330.

Inscriptions +

Inscribed in white. Front, lower right corner

Inscribed in orange. Front, lower right corner


Exhibitions +

Jean Ranc (1674-1735). Un Montpelliérain à la cour des rois
24.01.2020 - 28.06.2020

Blas de Lezo, el valor de medio hombre
18.09.2013 - 03.03.2014

Palazzo Farnese: dalle Collezioni Rinascimentali ad Ambasciata di Francia
12.12.2010 - 27.04.2011

El arte en la corte de Felipe V
30.10.2002 - 26.01.2003

I Farnese. Arte e collezionismo
30.09.1995 - 07.01.1996

I Farnese. Arte e collezionismo
01.06.1995 - 27.08.1995

I Farnese. Arte e collezionismo
04.03.1995 - 21.05.1995

Location +

Room 020 (On Display)

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