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Maria Amalia of Saxony
Mengs, Anton Raphael
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Mengs, Anton Raphael

Aussig, Bohemia, 1728 - Rome, 1779

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Maria Amalia of Saxony

Ca. 1761. Oil on unlined canvas

A frontal view of the Queen. She sits, wearing a red silk dress with white sleeves and bonnet. Her right arm rests very naturally on a table, while her left holds a book. She is marking one of the pages with her finger as though she had just interrupted her reading. This is quite common in female portraits. Maria Amalia was born to Friedrich Augustus III, King of Poland and elector of Saxony; and Mary Josephine of Austria, in 1724. She married Carlos VII, king of Naples and future Carlos III of Spain, in 1738 and died in Madrid in 1760, barely a year after taking the throne there. The background of pillars and green curtains configures this official portrait of the Queen of Spain, a pendant of that of her husband (P02200). Mengs probably made this painting around 1761, shortly after he arrived in Madrid. By then, the queen had already died, making this a posthumous portrait. That may explain why there are no replicas or copies, which were so numerous in the case of Mengs´ portrait of her husband.

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Inventory number
Mengs, Anton Raphael
Maria Amalia of Saxony
Ca. 1761
Unlined canvas
Height: 153.2 cm.; Width: 110.2 cm.
Royal Collection (Royal Palace, Madrid, “callejón de paso a las tribunas”, 1814-1818, s.n.?)

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Fernando VII, Palacio Nuevo, 1814-1818. Núm. ¿s. n.?.
Pinturas que existen en el Callejón / que llaman de paso a las Tribunas colgadas y sin colgar [...] {21952-21953} Dos varas alto vara y media ancho, Carlos III armado = doña Maria Amalia = Mengs

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 1955.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1872-1907. Núm. 1440d.

Exhibitions +

Carlos IV, mecenas y coleccionista
22.04.2009 - 19.07.2009

Tha majesty of spain. Royal collections from the Museo del Prado & patrimonio nacional (La majestad de España)
Jackson MS
01.03.2001 - 03.09.2001

Permanencia en la memoria . Cartones para tapices y dibujos de Goya
14.02.1997 - 06.04.1997

Carlos III y la Ilustración
27.02.1989 - 16.04.1989

Carlos III y la Ilustración
09.11.1988 - 22.01.1989

Location +

Room 020 (On Display)


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