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Porphyry vase
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Porphyry vase

Ca. 1650. Porphyry.
Galería Jónica Planta Principal Norte

Since the time of Antiquity, porphyry was one of the most highly regarded materials due to its rarity and great beauty, making it ideal for ornamental objects intended for the palaces of royalty and the aristocracy. The form and decoration of this example combine curving striations and gadroons. It is the pair to another similar one, also in the Prado (O496). Perhaps it comes from the collection of Don Gaspar Méndez de Haro, Marquis del Carpio, viceroy in Naples from 1683 to 1687. Previously he was ambassador to Rome, where he acquired some sculptures. This city in the "Seicento" had almost the prerogative in the elaboration of the porphyry.

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Porphyry vase
Porphyry, Ca. 1650
Inventory number
Porphyry vase
Ca. 1650
Height: 61 cm; Width: 48 cm; Base/bottom: 39 cm; Weight: 66 Kg
Royal Collection (¿Real Alcázar, Madrid, salón de los espejos, 1686, s.n.?)

Bibliography +

Bernardini, Maria Grazia, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Regista del Barocco, Skira, 1999, pp. 394, nº 138.

Other inventories +

Inv. Felipe IV, Alcázar de Madrid, 1686. Núm. s. n..
Salón de los espejos [...] Seis vrnas del mismo Porfido que los Bufetes vna sobre cada Bufete las dos mayores â manera de Jarrones yguales y las otras quatro a manera de tazas como cubiertas.

Inv. Real Museo, Sección Escultura, 1857. Núm. 144.
144. Jarron de porfido con su tapa. / Alto 2 pies, 3 pulg

Exhibitions +

Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Registá del barocco
20.05.1999 - 16.09.1999

Location +

Galería Jónica Planta Principal Norte (On Display)

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