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Portrait of Queen María Luisa as Princess of Asturias
Mengs, Anton Raphael (Replica)
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Portrait of Queen María Luisa as Princess of Asturias

Ca. 1765. Oil on canvas. On display elsewhere

Mengs had a profound influence on the younger generation of Spanish painters, notably on the Bayeus, Maella, Inza, Goya and Vicente López Portaña. His Neoclassical style was diametrically opposed to Tiepolo´s, whose style and paintings were falling out of fashion. The Spanish Collections hold many of his portraits. He was a refined and skyfull court painter with exquisite technique, enamel-bright colors, minutely detailed fabrics and jewelry, and flesh tones as fine and luminous as porcelain. This portrait is a copy of original, also owned by the Prado and traditionally dated circa 1765. It is believed to be the official portrait commissioned for the engagement of the Prince and Princess María Luisa. Though undocumented, this assumption is based on the fact that so many copies of this portrait exist. Aesthetically and technically it draws inspiration from Velázquez, especially in the positioning of the figure and his surrounding. Yet it lacks the magical touch found in Velázquez´s court portrait. María Luisa of Parma (Parma, 1751-Roma, 1819) was the daughter of Philip of Bourbon, Duke of Parma, and of Luisa Isabel of France. She married his cousin Charles, Prince of Asturias, the son of Charles III and María Amalia of Saxony in 1765. In 1788, he succeeded to the throne as Charles IV. He was overthrown in 1808 and exiled, with his wife, the Queen, to Rome, as a prisioner of Napoleon. Mengs emphasizes the volume of this figure by placing it squarely on the foreground, and backlighting it. The Princess´s refined air is the quintessence of the courtly spirit so typical of the ancient régime. Her portrait seems to have been painted in Aranjuez, as it depicts the land-scape behind the palace. A building can be seen in distance, beyond the greenery. This portrait was intended as a matched pair with the Portrait of King Charles IV as Prince of Asturias (P007130) (Text drawn from Luna Fernández, Juan J., The Majesty of Spain, Jackson, Mississippi, 2001, p. 70).

The Majesty of Spain. Royal Collections From the Museo del P, Jackson, Mississipi Commission For Internati, 2001, p.70

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Mengs, Anton Raphael (Replica)
Portrait of Queen María Luisa as Princess of Asturias
Ca. 1765
Height: 138.6 cm.; Width: 104 cm.
In the Royal Mint of Madrid until 1911. Entered into the Prado Museum that year.

Bibliography +

Espinós, Adela; Orihuela, Mercedes y Royo Villanova, Mercedes, ''El Prado disperso''. Cuadros depositados en Madrid. IV. Patrimonio Nacional. Palacio de Aranjuez, Boletín del Museo del Prado, II, 1981, pp. 58.

Museo Nacional del Prado, Museo del Prado: inventario general de pinturas, III, Museo del Prado, Espasa Calpe, Madrid, 1996.

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The Majesty of Spain. Royal Collections From the Museo del P, Mississipi Commission For Internati, Jackson, 2001, pp. 70.

Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 1350.
'Autor: Don Antonio Rafael Mengs / 1350. Asunto: Retrato de Dª María Luisa de Parma siendo Princesa de Asturias (Repetición o copia del Nº 2189 de este Museo) /Dimensiones: Alto 1,38 Ancho 1,03'

Exhibitions +

Tha majesty of spain. Royal collections from the Museo del Prado & patrimonio nacional (La majestad de España)
Jackson MS
01.03.2001 - 03.09.2001

Permanencia en la memoria . Cartones para tapices y dibujos de Goya
14.02.1997 - 06.04.1997

Tapices y cartones de Goya
21.05.1996 - 31.07.1996

Location +

Aranjuez - Palacio Real de Aranjuez (Deposit)

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