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Saint Francis of Assisi in la Porziuncola
Castello, Félix (Attributed to)
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Castello, Félix (Attributed to)

Saint Francis of Assisi in la Porziuncola

Ca. 1646. Oil on canvas

Angulo and Pérez Sánchez provisionally attributed this work in their study of painting from Madrid (1969), considering it a canvas from his final years—a period with no confirmed works by this artist. Its suggested provenience, the Franciscan convent of Cuéllar (Segovia), is based on the original inventory of paintings from disbanded convents in the province of Segovia, drawn up by José Castelaro y Perea, which includes mention of a painting of “La Porziuncola.” However, the painting from Cuéllar was practically square. Its listed dimensions were seven feet, nine inches by seven feet, that is, 217 x 196 cm. The difference of height (33 cm) in a measurement in inches is sufficient to confirm that this is not the same work.

Technical data

Inventory number
Castello, Félix (Attributed to)
Saint Francis of Assisi in la Porziuncola
Ca. 1646
Height: 250 cm.; Width: 190 cm.
Madrid, Franciscan convent of Jesús y María, popularly known as San Francisco el Grande; Museo de la Trinidad.

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Museo de la Trinidad, Pintura. Núm. 448.
448. / La porciuncula de Sn con el Padre Eterno y la Virgen sobre un trono de nubes fs de tamº nat.l y cuerpo entero / autor / Rectifdo alto 2,50 ancho 1,90 1/2 / / Nº 30 / S.B.

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Ventana acristalada con hojas de vidrio plano, unidas mediante junquillos de madera formando crucetas.

Textile, Domestic: .17.

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