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Saint John the Baptist
Loarte, Alejandro de (Attributed to)
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Loarte, Alejandro de (Attributed to)

Madrid? (Sapain), 1590 - Toledo (Spain), 1626

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Saint John the Baptist

First quarter of the XVII century. Oil on panel. Not on display

The image of Christ´s precursor occupies the center of the panel with an iconography consistent with Medieval tradition. The strong lighting of certain parts of his elongated figure reflect the painter´s interest in an incipient chiaroscuro and the similarities to El Greco´s models suggest he was trained in beginning-of-the-century international mannerism.

The saint wears a short leather tunic and robes, both tied with a rope in a manner that became customary in the 14th century. At his feet, we see the lamb that alludes to Christ, and in his left hand, the cross and scroll bearing the inscription Ecce Agnus Dei. The landscape in the middle ground recalls those of Bassano, and the composition closes with a backlit tree at the right side.

This painting associated with the circle around Tristán, entered the Prado from the Museo de la Trinidad. Cruzado Villaamil considers it the work of an unknown Italian painter, but Sanchez Cantón, who confirms Cavestany´s suggested date of around 1626, attributes it and its companion, Mary Magdalene (P01309), to Loarte, due to its stylistic similarities with a Saint John the Baptist from the Convent of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart in Madrid, which was signed and dated that year. Pérez Sanchez, however, was not convinced by this attribution.

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III, Madrid, Museo del Prado, 1993, p.112, n. 38

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Inventory number
Loarte, Alejandro de (Attributed to)
Saint John the Baptist
First quarter of the XVII century
Height: 49 cm; Width: 28 cm
Museo de la Trinidad, 1875

Bibliography +

Cruzada Villaamil, Gregorio, Catálogo provisional, historial y razonado del Museo Nacional de Pinturas, Madrid, 1865.

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Other inventories +

Inv. Museo de la Trinidad, Pintura. Núm. 856.
Tabla. Sn Juan Bta en el desierto, Con una cruz en la mano IZQda y en ella el signo Agnus Dei. Figª como media vara. Cuerpo Entº / Autor / Rectifdo Alto 0,49 Ancho 0,28 1/2 / Id.Id.Id. / Nº 38 / S.E.

Catálogo Museo de la Trinidad, 1865. Núm. 856.
ESCUELAS ITALIANAS. / 856. S. Juan Bautista. / Tabla. - Al. 0,49. - An. 0,295. - Fig. 0,41. / Epoca: último tercio del siglo XVI. / S. Juan Bautista, de pié cubierto con un manto blanco atado a la cintura por una soga, la mano derecha abierta y colocada sobre el pecho y teniendo agarrado con la izquierda un palo largo que termina en una cruz, y en la misma mano también una cinta blanca en que se lee: Ecce agnus Dei. Fondo de paisaje frondoso, a la derecha del Santo un cordero. Parece pintado por algun escultor de la Escuela de Berruguete. Compañero del núm. 863.

Inscriptions +

T. 856
Inscribed in blue. Front, lower left corner

Ecce Agnus Dei [en la filacteria]
Inscribed in golden colour. Front, center

Exhibitions +

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
25.02.1994 - 27.03.1994

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
21.01.1994 - 20.02.1994

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
17.12.1993 - 16.01.1994

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
12.11.1993 - 12.12.1993

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
08.10.1993 - 07.11.1993

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
03.09.1993 - 03.10.1993

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
29.07.1993 - 29.08.1993

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
25.06.1993 - 25.07.1993

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
21.05.1993 - 20.06.1993

Pintores del reinado de Felipe III
15.04.1993 - 06.05.1993

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