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The Virgin Appearing to Saint Francis
Carnicero, Antonio
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Carnicero, Antonio

Salamanca (Spain), 1748 - Madrid (Spain), 1814

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The Virgin Appearing to Saint Francis

1788 - 1789. Oil on canvas.
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This scene is related to a passage from the life of Saint Francis in which rose bushes sprang up where his blood had fallen to the ground during one of his sessions of penance The resulting flowers were used to adorn the chapel dedicated to the Virgin at La Porciuncula, where the saint prayed during his retreat. According to tradition, that is a place frequently visited by angels, hence the chapel´s name: Our Lady of the Angels.

Technical data

Inventory number
Carnicero, Antonio
The Virgin Appearing to Saint Francis
1788 - 1789
Height: 216 cm; Width: 273 cm
Vida de San Francisco. Claustro de la Iglesia de San Francisco el Grande, Madrid
Madrid, Franciscan convent of Jesús y María, popularly known as San Francisco el Grande, Cloister: Museo de la Trinidad

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Museo de la Trinidad, Pintura. Núm. 1022.
1022. / Sn Franco arrodillado ante la Virgen la q. le presenta al niño Jesús fs de tamº nat.l y Cuerpo entº / Autor Carnicero / Alto 2,16 1/2; ancho 2,72 / Id. id. id.

Exhibitions +

Antonio Carnicero Mancio
01.09.1997 - 30.09.1997

Antonio Carnicero Mancio
28.01.1997 - 20.03.1997

Location +

Madrid - Real Basílica de San Francisco El Grande (Deposit)

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