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Time defeated by Hope and Beauty
Vouet, Simon
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Vouet, Simon

Paris, 1590 - Paris, 1649

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Time defeated by Hope and Beauty

1627. Oil on canvas

Saturn, who represents Time in Roman mythology, has fallen beside his attributes, a scythe and an hourglass. Beauty -possibly a portrait of the painter´s wife, Virginia da Vezzo- olds him by the hear, blandishing a lance over him, while Hope threatens him with a hook, her iconographic symbol, and three cupids pluck the feathers from his wings. Time is defied by Love, which is a reversal of their traditional roles. The representation of Time was constant during the Baroque era, when it was an image of the transitory nature of human life and of the values that rule it. With this type of work, Vouet brought the influence of Italian art to Louis XIII´s France.

Technical data

Inventory number
Vouet, Simon
Time defeated by Hope and Beauty
Height: 107 cm.; Width: 142 cm.
Acquisition from William R. Drown, London, 1954

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 1803.
Autor Simón Vouet / 1803. Asunto, "El Tiempo, vencido por la Juventud y la Belleza" / lienzo, 107 x 142. / Nº de catálogo 2987/ Adquirido por el Patronato del Museo a Mr. William R. Drown por 1725 libras esterlinas, en 8 octubre 1954

Exhibitions +

The 'Baroque' Era: the Art in Rome from Bernini to Bacicci
31.03.2015 - 26.07.2015

Simon Vouet, les années italiennes (1613-1627)
27.03.2009 - 29.06.2009

Simon Vouet, les années italiennes (1613-1627)
20.11.2008 - 23.02.2009

Simon Vouet. 1590-1649
06.11.1990 - 11.02.1991

Location +

Room 002 (On Display)


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Farming Implements / Ranching Implements / Fishing Implements / Hunting Implements


Lances / Spears

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