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Villerville Beach (Normandy)
Haes, Carlos de
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Haes, Carlos de

Brussels (Belgium), 1826 - Madrid (Spain), 1898

Haes, Carlos de See author's file

Villerville Beach (Normandy)

1877 - 1884. Oil on canvas transferred to panel.
Room 063A

A view of the profile of the Villerville mansion from the beach. The short, impasto and vibrant brushtrokes emphasize the sensation of a fleeting moment that Haes seems to have wanted to capture with this landscape. The highlights that illuminate the ocean mist contrast with the dark range of colors on the horizon and the rocks in the foreground. The drawing, Villerville (D05285), in the Prado Museum collection has made it possible to complete the title of the present work. This painting was one of the works by Carlos de Haes that his disciples donated to the now-defunct Museum of Modern Art. They were accepted by Royal Order of 10 June 1899.

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Graphite on wove paper, 1877 - 1884
Haes, Carlos de
Inventory number
Haes, Carlos de
Villerville Beach (Normandy)
1877 - 1884
Canvas transferred to panel
Height: 22 cm; Width: 40 cm
Donated by the disciples of Carlos de Haes to the Museo de Arte Moderno, 1899; Museo de Arte Moderno, 1899-1971

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Catálogo Museo de Arte Moderno, 1900. Núm. 336.
SECCIÓN DE PINTURA EN SUS DIVERSAS CLASES, DIBUJOS Y GRABADOS EN LÁMINAS. / Haes (D. Carlos de) [...] 336.- Playa de Villesville (Normandía). / Alto 0'26 metros. Ancho 0'41 metros.

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Inscriptions +

Costa francesa

MAM / 689
Scrap of paper. Front, lower right corner

Exhibitions +

Carlos de Haes (1826-1898). Burgos
28.09.2004 - 21.11.2004

Carlos de Haes (1826-1898). Valencia
22.06.2004 - 29.08.2004

Carlos de Haes (1826-1898). Vitoria
10.03.2004 - 16.05.2004

Carlos de Haes (1826-1898) Badajoz
01.12.2003 - 01.02.2004

Carlos de Haes (1826-1898) Málaga
24.04.2003 - 29.06.2003

Carlos de Haes (1826-1898) en el Museo del Prado
15.10.2002 - 12.01.2003

Carlos de Haes - Madrid
08.10.2002 - 17.11.2002

Carlos de Haes - Santander
30.07.2002 - 15.09.2002

Location +

Room 063A (On Display)

Update date: 28-01-2022 | Registry created on 28-04-2015

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