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Young Angel
Bayeu, Francisco
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Bayeu, Francisco

Zaragoza, 1734 - Madrid, 1795

Bayeu, Francisco See author's file

Young Angel

1778. White chalk, Red chalk on dark toned paper.
Not on display

This is a preparatory drawing for the figure of an angel in the lower part of the central register in a section of the cupola interior over the High Altar of the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez; the fresco The Glory of the Lamb of God. The figure in this drawing appears in a flying pose and the study of the cloak is very thorough while the figure’s extremities are barely sketched. The Museo del Prado has a preparatory sketch (P000601) of the same section of The Glory of the Lamb of God in which the similarities between the drawing and the oil sketch are visible. The Museum also keeps other preparatory drawings, such as God the Father (D000413) and another for Angel Bust (D000457), for the sketch intended for the fresco. Francisco Bayeu also painted other parts of the Chapel like the Cupola in which he developed the following themes: the Attributes of the Virgin and the Allegory of the Church facing the High Altar; in front, Faith with the Tablets of the Law; on the Gospel side, there is Saint Luke painting the Virgin, and on the Epistle side, the Prophet Isaiah. The Museum keeps various related preparatory drawings and sketches.

Arnáez, Rocío, Catálogo de Dibujos. II. Dibujos españoles siglo XVIII. A-B, Madrid, 1975, p.63

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Inventory number
Bayeu, Francisco
Young Angel
White chalk; Red chalk
Dark toned paper
Height: 290 mm; Width: 444 mm
Serie de preparatorios para frescos de la Capilla Pública del Palacio Real de Aranjuez
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

Arnáez, Rocío, Dibujos de Francisco Bayeu en el Museo del Prado, Archivo español de arte y arqueología, 178, 1972, pp. 135, nº 108.

Arnáez, Rocío, Catálogo de Dibujos. II. Dibujos españoles siglo XVIII. A-B, Madrid, 1975, pp. 63.

Morales y Marín, José Luis, Francisco Bayeu. Vida y obra, Ediciones Moncayo, Zaragoza, 1995, pp. 152, nº 144.

Francisco Bayeu: 1734-1795 : exposición Zaragoza, 18 abril-1, Museo e Instituto de Humanidades "Camón Aznar", Zaragoza, 1996, pp. 175, nº 30.

Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, Sección Dibujos, 1857. Núm. 136.
136. Noventa y seis idem idem de idem [dibujos sueltos de estudios] / de figuras, de varios tamaños del / mismo [Bayeu] en muy mal estado.

Inv. Dibujos, Fondo Antiguo. Núm. 310.

Inscriptions +

(Sello: Dirección del Museo Nacional de Pinturas [dos veces en la parte inferior en ambos ángulos])
Printmaking. Front, lower left corner

Printmaking. Lower right area, Front, Secondary support

Nº 136.
Inscribed in pen and ink. Front, Lower right area

Exhibitions +

Francisco Bayeu
18.04.1996 - 19.05.1996

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