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New rooms: History of the Museo del Prado and its Buildings

Víctor Cageao, curator of History of the Museo del Prado and its Buildings and Director of Buildings and the Natural Environment at Patrimonio Nacional, comments on the new display, a survey of the more than 200-year history of Spain’s leading cultural institution.

Taking the evolution of the Museum’s architecture as its guiding thread, this new installation offers a reflection on the historical and political events which transformed the initial Real Museo into the public institution of international renown which it is today. In parallel, the display shows the changes and modifications that have come about over time in terms of the Museum’s public image, its staff, publications, research, visitors, principal exhibitions and activities.

Among the 265 items on display are more than 50 photographs, including numerous early ones, 9 architectural models, documents, postcards, prints, plans and objects from the everyday life of the museum which together introduce visitors to the Prado’s more than 200 years of history. Particularly notable exhibits record the appointment of Picasso as Director of the Museum; the award of the Princess of Austurias Prize to the Museum in 2019; a poster with the prices of entry tickets from the 1920s; and a cupboard with old restoration tools and equipment.

English and Spanish subtitles available.