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Record Visitor Numbers for 2007 Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Record Visitor Numbers for 2007

Record Visitor Numbers for 2007

The total number referred to above includes almost 100,000 people who visited the Museum with the sole aim of seeing its new spaces during the Open Doors Days organised to mark their opening.

In addition, the increased number of activities organised by the Museum outside of its principal building through the Travelling Prado and International Prado exhibition programmes means that in addition to the more than 2.6 million visitors in Madrid, an additional 884,627 saw the various exhibitions held in other parts of Spain (326,147 in total) and in China (560,000 to the two venues of the exhibition held in Shanghai and Beijing).

Including visitor numbers to the Museum’s temporary exhibitions held outside of the main building in Madrid, the Prado’s 2007 exhibition programme combined with the ongoing attraction of the Permanent Collection and the inauguration of its new extension, resulted in a total of 3,537,551 visitors.