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Voces del Prado

Full interview

An Incident in the halls

Conchi Montero Velasco, General Services Assistant, 1970-2014
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She began working at the Museum as a waitress, then going on to work for gallery security, with a brief period of time at the admissions desk.

Interview recorded on May 23, 2018


Gallery surveillance

I joined the Museum in May 1966

Francisco Martín Ortiz

Administrative Technician (copies), 1966-2015
Arriving at the Museum

María Merino Cabrera

Clerical Support, 1977-2004
Six attempts to get the job

María Teresa González Escolar

General Services Assistant, 1990-2013
I Joined on 9th May 1966

Francisco Manso Guerrero

Gallery attendant and Clerical Support, 1966-1991


Voces del Prado

Inside the Museum in more than 30 interviews