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Museo del Prado 200 años

Oral history

Voces del Prado

Oral history through the experience of the people who have devoted their day to day to the institution.

A documentary fund in process with videos interviews with workers and collaborators dating 40 years back up to date.

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In the first person
I came in 1983 to establish an Education department that did not exist”

Alicia Quintana

Head of the Education Service, 1983-2007

Alicia Quintana
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The impact of the Guernica


In 1981, the Guernica by Picasso was transferred form the MOMA in New York to the Casón del Buen Retiro, it represents one of the most significant moments of the cultural transition.

In the first person
I came into conflict with successive State authorities until I reached the highest echelons of the government. Not the Prime Minister’s office, but almost”

Francisco Calvo Serraller

Museum Director, 1993-1994

Francisco Calvo Serraller
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Restoration of Las Meninas

1984 when Alfonso Pérez Sánchez was Director, Las Meninas were restored, a significant event in the history of the museum since it is such an iconic work.

The arrival of John Brealey form the Metropolitan to help with the process was a source of public and political comments.

Interviews use

The MNP’s oral history is created with the express consent of the interviewees to express their opinion within the oral history frame, all rights reserved by the MNP.

The MNP is not responsible of the comments, judgments, opinions or contents registered in these interviews nor does it necessary share the opinions and content expresses. Legal responsibility falls on the interviewee.

Voces del Prado

Inside the Museum in more than 30 interviews