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Rosales Gallinas, Eduardo
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Rosales Gallinas, Eduardo

Madrid, 1836 - Madrid, 1873

Rosales Gallinas, Eduardo See author's file


Ca. 1862. Oil on canvas.
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A young peasant girl from the Lazio flirts with her hands, dressed in traditional costume and leaning on a wall. The picturesque type of Italian country girl known as a ciociara was an extremely popular subject among European painters travelling in Italy at this period. Located in a setting skilfully constructed through the use of a low-level light, Rosales sketches out the figure using broad brushstrokes and rich colours.

The model´s ample blouse, bluish skirt and dark bodice contrast with the painting´s overall greenish-brown color scheme. Also notable are the relaxed brushstrokes, applied with broad, broken gestures. The lighting and the demarcation of the figure´s silhouette help to build the figure in space. In that sense, this work is close to the sobriety of Corot or Courbet´s French realism, while the imprecise drawing of the young woman´s hands and the resultant sense of movement recall some of Velasquez´s works. This painting was acquired for the Museum of Modern Art on 18 November 1940.

Technical data

Inventory number
Rosales Gallinas, Eduardo
Ca. 1862
Height: 125 cm; Width: 75 cm
Museo de Arte Moderno

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Museo Arte Moderno, 1954. Núm. 524.

Actas traslado de obras MEAC - Prado, 1971-1973. Núm. 645.

Inscriptions +

Testamentaría del pintor firmada por Vicente Palmaroli
Front, lower left corner

Exhibitions +

Obras Invitadas de los Museos de Madrid
20.11.2018 - 17.02.2019

El Siglo XIX en el Prado
31.10.2007 - 20.04.2008

Pintura española del siglo XIX. Del neoclasicismo al modernismo
03.04.1992 - 17.05.1992

Pintura española del Siglo XIX: de Goya a Picasso
18.10.1991 - 08.01.1992

Pintura española del siglo XIX: de Goya a Picasso
San Petersburgo
05.04.1987 - 08.06.1987

Pintura española del siglo XIX: de Goya a Picasso
25.02.1987 - 01.04.1987

Location +

Barcelona - CaixaForum de Barcelona (Temporary Exhibition)

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