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Landscape with a Horse
Real Laboratorio de Piedras Duras del Buen Retiro
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Real Laboratorio de Piedras Duras del Buen Retiro

Madrid (Spain), 1762 - Madrid (Spain), 1808

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Landscape with a Horse

1762 - 1808. Hardstone. Room 021

The models that inspired this work and its pair (O510) are not easy to identify. They may be based on prints after 17th-century Dutch paintings, in this case works by artists who travelled in Italy, such as Nicolaes Berchem (1620-1683). This panel may date from the final years of the Real Laboratorio’s activity.

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Inventory number
Real Laboratorio de Piedras Duras del Buen Retiro
Landscape with a Horse
1762 - 1808
Height: 33.5 cm.; Width: 26 cm.
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

Perez Villamil, Manuel, Artes e Industrias del Buen Retiro. La Fabrica de la China, Suc.De Ribadeneyra, 1904, pp. Lám. XXVIII.

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 349.
349. Un pais de mosaico con una pers/pectiva de forma obalada y marco de/ madera dorado./ Alto 1 pie, 7 pulgadas./ Ancho 1 pie, 4 pulgadas



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Location +

Room 021 (On Display)


Displayed objects +

Tool / Utensil

Beast of burden

Carriages: Carretas

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