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Voces del Prado

Full interview

The challenge of transferring the Guernica

Felipe Garín Llombart, Museum Director, 1991-1993
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Director of the Museo del Prado, and previously been a member of its Board of Trustees. After his departure, he appoints Honorary Director. He is also at the helm of museums such as the Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia San Pío V and the Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí, both located in the same city.

Interview recorded on June 07, 2018



A walk and a phone call before starting

Miguel Zugaza Miranda

Museum Director, 2002-2017
1990. Initial Contact

Gabriele Finaldi

Assistant Director of Conservation and Research, 2002-2015
Head of the Museum and founding member of The Friends of The Prado Museum Foundation

Francisco Calvo Serraller

Museum Director, 1993-1994
An unexpected proposal

José María Luzón Nogué

Museum Director, 1994-1996
I Was Chosen Because of My Academic Profile

Fernando Checa Cremades

Museum Director, 1996-2001
Initial Contact with the Museum

Manuela Mena Marqués

Head of the Department of Conservation of 18th Century Painting and Goya, 1978-2019


Voces del Prado

Inside the Museum in more than 30 interviews