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Concepción Miramón
Palmaroli y González, Vicente
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Palmaroli y González, Vicente

Zarzalejo, Madrid, 1834 - Madrid, 1896

Palmaroli y González, Vicente See author's file

Concepción Miramón

1889. Oil on canvas.
Room 062B

In this three-quarters portrait, the lady is standing and slightly turned to the left. Her pose, with interlaced fingers, is very relaxed. Concepción Miramón de Duret´s father, General Miramón, was executed by firing squad alongside the Emperor Maximilian on 19 June 1867. She lived in Rome when this portrait was made. Notable in this portrait of the Countess is her lack of jewels or sumptuous clothing. Indeed, her coat is the only somewhat ostentatious element, and the painter uses it to give the image a sense of immediacy, as it rests casually over the model´s arms, as though she had just removed it from her shoulders. This work was made at a time when the artist was closest to Rosales´ manner of painting. It is built with whites, blacks and the ochre background and, in turn, recalls the sobriety of Spanish portraits from the Golden Age, especially certain works by Velasquez. This influence is offset by the loose, rapid brushstrokes and low point of view that are Palmaroli´s most modern and characteristic elements. This work was bequeathed to the Museum of Modern Art by Concha Miramón´s son.


Technical data

Inventory number
Palmaroli y González, Vicente
Concepción Miramón
Height: 101.5 cm; Width: 61 cm
Bequest of Concepción Miramón, 1941; Museo de Arte Moderno, 1941-1968; Museo Español de Arte Contemporáneo, 1968-1971

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Museo Arte Moderno, 1954. Núm. 433.

Actas traslado de obras MEAC - Prado, 1971-1973. Núm. 542.

Inscriptions +

Esta obra pintada por mi padre en 1889 / es retrato y propiedad de Doña Concha Miramón de Duret, quien me la ha confi ado en depósito, destinándola, después de mi / fallecimiento, al Museo de Arte Moderno / de Madrid. / Génova, a 5 de febrero de 1927 / Vicente Palmaroli.”
Scrap of paper. Stretcher

Exposición "Exposición de Arte Español"
Scrap of paper. Stretcher

Exposición "Le Portrait Espagnol du XIVe au XIXe Siècle"
Scrap of paper. Stretcher

Exposición "Pintura Espanhola Do Seculo XIX"
Scrap of paper. Stretcher

Exposición "Un siglo de arte español"
Scrap of paper. Stretcher

Inv. Museo de Arte Moderno 1954
Scrap of paper. Stretcher

Exhibitions +

El Siglo XIX en el Prado
31.10.2007 - 20.04.2008

El Retrato Elegante
01.11.2000 - 31.01.2001

Elegantes 1900
21.09.2000 - 11.11.2000

Pintura española del siglo XIX: de Goya a Picasso
San Petersburgo
05.04.1987 - 08.06.1987

Pintura española del siglo XIX: de Goya a Picasso
25.02.1987 - 01.04.1987

Location +

Room 062B (On Display)

Update date: 11-04-2022 | Registry created on 28-04-2015

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