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Queen Juana La Loca confined at Tordesillas with her daughter, the Infanta Catalina
Pradilla y Ortiz, Francisco
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Pradilla y Ortiz, Francisco

Villanueva de Gállego, Zaragoza, 1848 - Madrid, 1921

Pradilla y Ortiz, Francisco See author's file

Queen Juana La Loca confined at Tordesillas with her daughter, the Infanta Catalina

1906. Oil on canvas.
Room 060

In keeping with his interest in Queen Juana “la Loca,” Pradilla painted this painting of the queen´s confinement in Tordesillas Castle, where she spent the rest of her life alongside the cadaver of her husband. Juana sits besides a window in a palace room with a Gothic fireplace. Lost in thought, she gazes at the viewer without noticing her daughter´s play. A lady in waiting and a servent on the right contemplate the scene with some sadness. An open door in the background offers a view of the coffin with the body of Felipe “el Hermoso.” Pradilla abandoned the grandiloquence of enormous history paintings from earlier decades in order to make a small cabinet painting. The studied setting, archeological and historical knowledge used here with a certain eclecticism of clothing and furnishings, are combined with a finished and very polished technique. Those aspects prevent this work from being considered a sketch for a larger painting on the same subject, making this a magnificent example of Pradilla´s new pictorial tendencies with regard to history paintings: small format works.


Technical data

Inventory number
Pradilla y Ortiz, Francisco
Queen Juana La Loca confined at Tordesillas with her daughter, the Infanta Catalina
Height: 85 cm; Width: 146 cm
Acquisition, 1990

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 2249.
Pradilla Ortiz, Francisco / 2249. Título: La reina Dª Juana 'la Loca' recluida en Tordesillas con su hija la infanta Dª Catalina / Tipo de obra : pintura / Técnica/soporte: óleo sobre lienzo / Medidas: 0'85 x 1,46 m. / Nº de catálogo: P07493 / Observaciones: firmado y fechado: "F. Pradilla Ortiz / Madrid 1906" en borde inferior derecho.

Inscriptions +

F. Pradilla Ortiz, Madrid 1906
Signed and dated. Front, lower right corner

La Reina Dña. Juana "la Loca"/ recluida en Tordesillas con su hija, la Infanta Dña. Catalina/ (comienzos del siglo XVI.)/ ver los Estudios Históricos de Antonio Rodríguez Villa de la R. Academia de la Historia/ Terminado en Madrid el año 1906/ Francisco Pradilla Ortiz.
Inscribed in pen and black ink. Back, central area

Exhibitions +

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21.03.2022 - 23.10.2022

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03.04.1992 - 17.05.1992

Location +

Room 060 (Temporary Exhibition)

Exposición Temporal

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