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Saint Jerome meditating
Veronese, Paolo (Paolo Cagliari) (and workshop)
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Saint Jerome meditating

Ca. 1585. Oil on canvas

This is a late work by Veronese, characterised by its marked formal and chromatic austerity. It also reveals the profound spiritual and emotional intensity of the artist’s late religious compositions. They are devoid of any anecdotal detail that might distract the viewer, who is encouraged to imitate the hermit saint in his meditation on the death of Christ.


Technical data

Inventory number
Veronese, Paolo (Paolo Cagliari) (and workshop)
Saint Jerome meditating
Ca. 1585
Height: 93 cm.; Width: 77 cm.
Carmelitas Calzados Convent, Toledo; Museo de la Trinidad.

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

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483. / Sn Geronimo de mas de medio cuerpo y tamaño nat.l con un Cristo en la mano y en la otra una piedra / Autor / Rectifdo Alto 0,96 ancho 0,81 / Forrado y restaurado y sin marco y colgdo en Id. Id. / Nº 48 / S.E.

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Room 043 (On Display)


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Crucifix: .151.

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