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The Marriage at Cana
Bassano, Leandro
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Bassano, Leandro

Bassano del Grappa, Veneto (Italy), 1557 - Venice (Italy), 1622

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The Marriage at Cana

XVI century. Oil on canvas.
Not on display

There is a print by Pietro Monaco (1707-1772), published by Guglielmo Zerletti in Venice in 1763, which reproduces a painting of the Marriage at Cana then attributed to Jacopo and owned by the lawyer Giulio Crivellari. In Spain, a composition with the same title though smaller (112 x 84 cm approximately) was listed in the 1711 inventory of the 9th Duke of Medinaceli. The original painting, probably by Francesco, and on which the composition would have been based is missing, though there are several versions with small variations: the one in the Louvre (152 x 214 cm) was ascribed by Ballarin to Leandro´s early period, when he collaborated with his father in Bassano, though some figures appear to be executed by a different han. Other versions, very similar to the Louvre painting, are housed in Kromeriz and Vicenza (Museo Civico). On 2 May 1997, a fourth version (98.2 x 136.5 cm), which is more similar to the print and held by Rearick to be the original, was sold at a London auction (Trafalgar Galleries). This supposed original and the Vicenza version display the iconographical peculiarity -found no where else in Bassano paintings or in any treatment of this gospel episode- of including angel-musicians strumming lutes, an action performed by a servant in the Prado version. The Prado painting is identical to the one in the Louvre except for the curtains, which are omitted. The inclusion of donors together with the holy figures, a common feature of this iconography since the 15th century, suggests that this work was probably commissioned for the wedding of the couple seated to the right of the Virgin. The Eucharistic significance of the Marriage at Cana thus reaffirmed the sacramental nature of marriage (Text drawn from Falomir, M.: Los Bassano en la España del Siglo de Oro, Museo Nacional del Prado, 2001, pp. 244-245).

Technical data

Inventory number
Bassano, Leandro
The Marriage at Cana
XVI century
Height: 127 cm; Width: 203 cm
Royal Collection (Collection of Isabel Farnesio, Palacio de La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, dormitorio de sus majestades, 1746, nº 652; La Granja, dormitorio, 1766, nº 652; La Granja, 1774, nº 652; La Granja, 1794, nº 652; La Granja, 1814-1818, nº 652).

Bibliography +

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Ruíz Manero, J. M., Los Bassano en España, Fundación Universitaria Española, Madrid, 2011, pp. 180-181, n.3L, il. XXXIII.

Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 932.
Bassano (Francisco) / 932. Las bodas de Cana. / Jesus bendice las basijas que le presentan los criados y convierte el agua en vino. / Alto 4 pies, 6 pulg; ancho 7 pies, 5 pulg.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1854-1858. Núm. 932.

Inv. Fernando VII, La Granja, 1814-1818. Núm. 652.
{20322} 652 / Cinco pies y medio de alto ocho de largo, las Bodas de Canaa = Basano

Inv. Isabel Farnesio, La Granja, 1746. Núm. 652.
Otra en Lienzo, de mano del Bassano, que reptª las Bodas de Canà quando nuestro Sºr combirtio el agua en vino, tiene vara y media de alto, seis pies y seis dedos de ancho. Marco dorado como los antectes [lisos]...1

Inv. Testamentaría Isabel Farnesio, La Granja, 1766. Núm. 652.
Ôtro de ocho pies de ancho, por seis de alto, marco dorado liso, del Vasano, que representa las Bodas de Canaa, vale quatro mil rrs

Inv. Carlos III, La Granja, 1774. Núm. 652.

Inv. Testamentaría Carlos III, La Granja, 1794. Núm. 652.

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