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The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch is “reunited” with visitors at the Museo del Prado

Room 56 A of the Villanueva Building, devoted to Jheronimus Bosch but closed since the Covid-19 crisis led to the temporary closure of the Museum, has reopened. Visitors can now see a new display that offers a clearer vision of the works and an optimal use of space. The gallery is also enhanced with a professional monitor that presents an animated sequence of surprising details of the works, some shown up to 12 times their original size.


The Museo Nacional del Prado is restarting its activities with Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests. Episodes on Women, ideology and the visual arts in Spain (1833-1931) is the first temporary exhibition to be organised by the Museo Nacional del Prado following its reopening on 6 June. It offers a reflection on the position of women and the various roles they played within the Spanish art system, from the reign of Isabel II to that of her grandson Alfonso XIII. Curated by Carlos G. Navarro, a curator in the Museum’s department of 19th-century painting, and with the sponsorship of Fundación AXA, this exhibition is on display in Rooms A and B of the Jerónimos Building until 14 March 2021. Structured into 17 sections, it features a selection of more than 130 works, the majority from the Prado’s own holdings plus others loaned from the royal collections of Patrimonio Nacional and from public and private collections. Most of these works were exhibited in international exhibitions or were awarded prizes at the National Exhibitions, which were established in 1853 to encourage Spanish art and present an ideological image of the nation.


The Prado is extending “Reunited”

The Central Gallery in the Villanueva Building is the principal axis of this display, which received more than 100,000 visitors in July and August, most of them local people from Madrid. Due to current restrictions and the special visiting conditions deriving from the Covid-19 pandemic, the maximum number of visitors to the galleries will remain at 2,500 a day. The Museo del Prado is working on the inauguration of “Uninvited Guests”, the first exhibition to focus on the role of women in the Spanish art system in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Featuring some of the most important works produced by women artists in this period, the exhibition was postponed after the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain. The Museum is also working on the gradual reopening of its other spaces, depending on how the present situation evolves.


The Museo del Prado is reopening with a spectacular new installation of its permanent collection

The Central Gallery, an extensive architectural space flooded with natural light, now becomes the principal axis for this new hanging which includes the majority of the collection’s most iconic works, offering a unique and unprecedented experience. Juxtaposed for the first time, The Annunciation by Fra Angelico and The Descent from the Cross by Rogier van der Weyden welcome visitors to an installation particularly rich in exceptional dialogues. The two versions of Saturn by Goya and Rubens can now be seen side by side while Las Meninas and The Spinners share space in Room XII alongside an exceptional “polyptych” of Velázquez’s Buffoons. “Reunited” remains on view until 13 September and has involved the relocation of more than 190 works. It evokes the type of display that existed when the Museo del Prado first opened to the public. During this present phase the number of daily visits will be set at a third of the galleries’ normal capacity. Furthermore, this installation is located in the Museum’s largest and most important spaces in order to meet official health requirements to the maximum degree and to ensure a safe environment for visitors and staff.


The Prado Museum without borders

Employees of the Prado Museum invite users to tour the greatness of its collection through the website in 9 different languages. Curators, staff from Institutional Relations, Communications, Visitor Services, etc . welcome in the native language the many users who, during these days, find company in the Prado #PradowithYou. Spain, Italy with a 481% increase, Mexico, Rusia and Argentina are the countries that have most visited the Prado, via website, during the month of March.


Almost 2 million people visit the Prado during the confinement

The number of visitors to the Prado's website, supported by Telefónica, has increased a 258%. Compared with the month of February there has been a 125% increase in social media. Spain, Italy with a 481% increase, Mexico, Rusia and Argentina are the countries that have most visited the Prado, via website, during the month of March. The Prado stories in Instagram have had 1581500 views, an increase of 3710% in comparison with February.