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Crossing the Pass
Both, Jan
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Both, Jan

Utrecht, 1618 - Utrecht, 1652

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Crossing the Pass

1639 - 1641. Oil on canvas.
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The present painting may be considered a companion piece to the previous work on account of its format, size, compositional scheme and subject matter. It entered the Museum`s holdings as an original work by Jan Both. This attribution is maintained in subsequent catalogues and backed by Valdivieso (1973) and Barghahn (1986). Steland (forthcoming) ascribes it, with certain reservations, to Herman van Swanevelt.

However, as in the previous landscape, following the works recent cleaning the attribution to Jan Both would appear to be correct. It is possible that Both may have based the composition of this landscape on drawings by Van Swanevelt. Indeed, the overall compositional scheme is very similar to that of various drawings attributed to the latter, such as Italian Landscape with Figures on a Road. The woman riding an ass with a man walking beside her is one of the iconographical motifs most commonly repeated by this artist in drawings and paintings. However, like the previous landscape, it is closer in formal treatment and lighting to Both`s vertical landscapes Baptism of the Eunuch of Queen Candace (P2060) and Taking the Cattle out (P2061).

Nevertheless, it differs from them and from Mountain Pass (P5443) in the type of tree depicted. Indeed, here the tree with a broad, sturdy trunk taken from Van Swanevelt`s Roman landscapes is replaced by one with a slimmer, undulating trunk that became characteristic of Both`s later landscapes. The figure type is characteristic of the painter. In older Museum catalogues they are attributed to Andries Both (1612/13-1642) (Posada Kubissa, T.: Pintura holandesa en el Museo Nacional del Prado. Catálogo razonado, 2009, pp. 330).


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Mountain Pass
Oil on canvas, 1639 - 1641
Both, Jan
Inventory number
Both, Jan
Crossing the Pass
1639 - 1641
Height: 175 cm; Width: 274 cm
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 1354.
J. Both / 1354. El paso del puerto. / Van a subir por el una mujer en una caballeria, y un hombre a pie, a quien indica el camino un pastor. A la izquierda hay un rio. / Compañero del num. 1344. / Alto 6 pies, 2 pulg; ancho 9 pies, 9 pulg.

Inv. Testamentaría Carlos II, Buen Retiro, 1701-1703. Núm. [177].
[177] Un Pais de tres Uaras de largo y dos de alto del Italiano Con Vna Ria, Unas Montañas y Una mujer Caminando en Vn Jumento Con Vn hombre a quien Vn Pasttor muestra el Camino Con marco tallado y dorado tasado en Setentta doblones ... 4.200

Museo Real de Pinturas a la muerte de Fernando VII, 1834. Núm. fol.418.
TRes cientos noventa y cinco. El paso de el Puerto: van a subir por el una mujer en una caballeria, J. Both. 10.600.

Inv. Carlos III, Palacio Nuevo, 1772. Núm. 177.
Estudio de don Andres de la Calleja Pintor de Cámara de su magd. [...] {13334} 177 / =Retiro= Un pais con vna ria y vna mujer de tres varas y quarta de largo y dos varas de caida original de dho lorenes

Inscriptions +

Pais con Pastores y una figu-/ra à caballo en lienzo/nº.239.marco nuebo [sic]
Inscribed in golden colour. Stretcher

Inscribed in red color. Front, lower left corner

B./13 [Tinta negra muy diluida]
Inscribed in pen and ink. Stretcher

Nº 5451
Inscribed in pen and ink. Stretcher

Exhibitions +

Dutch Painters at the Prado
03.12.2009 - 11.04.2010

Location +

Barcelona - Universidad de Barcelona (Deposit)

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