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Pyotr Ivanovich Potyomkin (Potemkin)
Carreño de Miranda, Juan
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Carreño de Miranda, Juan

Avilés, Asturias (Spain), 1614 - Madrid (Spain), 1685

Carreño de Miranda, Juan See author's file

Pyotr Ivanovich Potyomkin (Potemkin)

Ca. 1681. Oil on canvas.
Room 016A

Piotr Ivanovich Potemkin (1617-1700) arrived at the Spanish court as ambassador for the Grand Duke of Moscow, Feodor II, in 1668 and returned in 1681-82. Carreño’s portrait is thought to be from the second visit, given its stylistic relation to the likeness of Eugenia Martínez Vallejo (P646). As such, it would have been painted in the last years of the artist’s life, when his style combined solid compositions with light and brilliant colors.

This is one of the finest Spanish portraits of its time, and its splendid palette reveals Carreño’s knowledge of the works by Titian in the Royal Collections. It combines a powerful and energetic sense of Potemkin’s physique with sumptuous clothing that perfectly transmits the Spanish reaction to the Russian retinue’s uncommon and dazzling presence. The painter obtained the finest results from a traditional formula of Spanish portraiture that had been successfully exploited by Velázquez: the presentation of a standing figure, turned slightly, before a monochrome background that brings out the model’s volumes. In such works, the figures were usually dressed in dark clothing, with a gray background. Here, however, the intense red of the ambassador’s exuberant garb projects from a dark surface that accentuates its presence. In a court where black clothing was the norm, this painting, with its vivid richness and quality, must have been truly striking. In his Museo Pictórico y escala óptica (1724), Antonio Palomino alluded to Carreño’s considerable skill as a portraitist, citing examples that included one of the Moscow ambassador who was here in 1682.

The origins and details of this commission are unknown but they were probably related to the Spanish court’s fascination with envoys from distant lands whose clothing, retinues and manners were the object of interest and admiration. In its testimonial intentions, this portrait can be linked to the abundant literature generated by the presence of this sort of entourage, including those of the Japanese ambassadors who visited Spain in the early 17th century.

This painting comes from the Royal Collections, where it was first listed in 1686.

El Prado en el Hermitage, Museo Estatal del Hermitage: Museo del Prado, 2011, p.152-153


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Inventory number
Carreño de Miranda, Juan
Pyotr Ivanovich Potyomkin (Potemkin)
Ca. 1681
Height: 207.2 cm; Width: 122.8 cm
Royal Collection (Royal Alcázar Palace, Madrid, “pinturas desmontadas-obrador del cuarto bajo del príncipe”, 1686, s.n.; Royal Palace of La Zarzuela, El Pardo-Madrid, “sala de los leones”, 1701, s.n.; La Zarzuela Palace, “pieza tercera”, 1747, n. 26).

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 517.
Carreño. / 517. Retrato de cuerpo entero del prelado de Ulech, Pedro Iwanowiz Potemkin, enviado por el czar de Moscovia cerca de S.M.C. Cárlos 2º por los años de 1682. / Está en pie, con un bastón en la mano derecha, vestido con trage talar encarnado recamado de oro. / Alto 7 pies, 3 pulg, 8 lin; ancho 4pies, 3 pulg, 8 lin.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1854-1858. Núm. 517.

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Sala de los leones [...] {13} Un Rettratto de dos Uaras y media de altto de Un embajador Moscouitta Sin Marco tasado en treintta doblones ... 30 / Existe en la pieza 3ª. al numero 26.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1942-1996. Núm. 645.

Inv. Felipe IV, Alcázar de Madrid, 1686. Núm. s. n..
Pinturas desmontadas [...] Más Pinturas en el obrador del cuarto del Príncipe / {1515} Un Retrato Cuerpo entero de vn Embaxador de Moscobia con vna Muleta en la mano y su gorra en la caueza, de dos varas y media de alto sin marco original de mano de Carreño.

Inv. Felipe V, La Zarzuela, 1747. Núm. 26.
Pieza Terzera [...] 26 / Ôtro de dos varas de alto y vara y quarta de ancho de un Moscovita vestido de cuerpo entero sin marco ... 1800

Exhibitions +

La obra invitada en el Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias
07.10.2014 - 11.01.2015

El Prado en el Hermitage
San Petersburgo
25.02.2011 - 29.05.2011

From Titian to Goya. Great Masters from the Museo del Prado
13.09.2007 - 12.11.2007

From Titian to Goya. Great Masters from the Museo del Prado
29.06.2007 - 24.08.2007

De Tiziano a Goya. Obras maestras del Museo del Prado
14.07.2006 - 15.10.2006

De Tiziano a Goya. Obras maestras del Museo del Prado
24.03.2006 - 02.07.2006

Bernini, Velázquez, Luca Giordano. Le Corti del Barocco - Cortes del Barroco
15.10.2003 - 15.01.2004

Location +

Room 016A (On Display)

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