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Salver of lapis lazuli
Royel, Jean (?); Workshop of the Miseroni
Close Continuar a ficha de la obra
Royel, Jean (?)
Workshop of the Miseroni

Salver of lapis lazuli

Ca. 1600. Lapis lazuli, Silver gilt Room 079B

This footed tray is a presentation salver that forms a pair with O-60 of the Dauphin’s Treasure. Both are made from a single piece of lapis lazuli. It has a round, flat-bottomed bowl, low sides and a short turned stem resting on a small foot. A silver mount runs around the rim. Its profile, simple as it is, points to a work made in Milan, perhaps close to the Miseroni. It bears the hallmark, IR, of the silversmith Jean Royel. In the inventory of the Grand Dauphin’s collection at Versailles, no mounting is described for either salver, though it may have been added after the inventory was completed in 1689. Silver rings of this type, based on the designs of Jean Bérain the Elder (1640-1711), consist of an internal band of palmettes and an external one of gadroons separated by mouldings.

The French system of silver marking in the 17th century differed from the one used in Spain. In the course of manufacture, French pieces were marked when they were sent for charge and discharge upon completion of the work, the object being to guarantee the quality of the metal and ensure payment of the corresponding taxes, and they also received the hallmark of the silversmith who had made them. Preserved on the mount of this salver are the marks of both the silversmith, Jean Royel, and the fermier or assay master, Pierre Pointeau (active from December 1691 to January 1697), which shows it had not been charged previously (L. Arbeteta, in press).

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Salver of lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli, Silver gilt, Ca. 1600
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Leather, Wood, Metal, Cloth, 1690 - 1711
Inventory number
Royel, Jean (?); Workshop of the Miseroni
Salver of lapis lazuli
Ca. 1600 (Salver); Ca. 1689 (Adornment)
Chased; Moulded; Carved
Lapis lazuli; Silver gilt
Height: 5.4 cm.; Diameter: 24.1 cm.; Weight: 843 g.; Diameter of the base: 6 cm.
Tesoro del Delfín
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Agates, cristaux, procelaines, bronzes, et autres curiositez qui sont dans le Cabinet de Monseigneur le Dauphin a Versailles. Núm. 64.

Inv. Felipe V, La Granja, Tesoro del Delfín, 1746. Núm. 56.

Inv. Gabinete Historia Natural, 1776. Núm. 32.
Dos salbillas iguales de lapislazuli...

Exhibitions +

Lapislazuli. Magical Blue
09.06.2015 - 11.10.2015

Location +

Room 079B (On Display)

Update date: 06-03-2020 | Registry created on 03-12-2015

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