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Aphrodite of Cnidus
Roman Sculptor
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Roman Sculptor

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Aphrodite of Cnidus

120 - 130. White marble. Room 073

The Roman copy of Praxiteles’s most famous work was made circa 350 B. C. for the sanctuary of the goddess in Cnidus (Asia Minor). As the first female monumental nude in the history of art, in Antiquity the statue already attracted tourism (Pliny, Natural History 36,20). Aphrodite could be seen before taking a bath, leaving her dress on top of a water receptacle, as may be seen in two Roman versions of the statue in the Musei Vaticani.


Technical data

Inventory number
Roman Sculptor
Aphrodite of Cnidus
120 - 130
White marble
Height: 40 cm; Width: 30 cm; Base/bottom: 25 cm; Weight: 35.6 Kg
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

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Exhibitions +

Dioses transfigurados - Escultura clásica del Museo del Prado en Dresde
20.05.2009 - 27.09.2009

Entre dioses y hombres. Esculturas Clásicas del Albertinum de Dresde y del Museo del Prado
04.11.2008 - 12.04.2009

Among Gods and Men
04.11.2008 - 12.04.2009

Location +

Room 073 (On Display)

Update date: 24-12-2021 | Registry created on 28-04-2015

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